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Why Prayer

Prayer is critical in developing a deep and lasting relationship with God. It is our chance to tell Him what is going on in our life: our happiness, our desires, and our fears. It is also a time where we can ask God to show us the way, and then listen for His guidance.

The word pray and its variations such as prayer, praying, prayed, is mentioned over 500 times in the Bible. Even Jesus prayed! In Mark 1:35, we read, ‘Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.’ Again, in Luke 5:16, we find, ‘Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.’

You can pray anywhere: in the car, in a school, in your home, in your garden, on a mountain top, and even under the water. You can do it in the rain and in the sunshine. Anyplace is a good place to pray. Anytime is a good time to pray. You can pray with friends, with enemies, and by yourself. We should offer prayer for guidance when we are faced with troubles, and we should offer prayers of thanksgiving for good things.

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Prayer @ EUMC

Evangelical United Methodist Church has an active Prayer Ministry. This ministry helps keep the church centered on following God and the teachings of Jesus Christ. This ministry is also available to help all people in their spiritual journey. You don’t have to belong to EUMC to ask for prayer.

The chapel is open during normal business hours and Sunday morning from 8:30am to 12:30pm. The chapel is located just to the right when entering the side door by the parking lot. If you desire, call the church office at 406-259-1897 and arrange for the pastor or lay leader to meet and pray with you. A variety of publications are available to help you talk, and listen, to God.

Open prayer request time is held in the sanctuary during the first part of each Sunday service, which starts at 10:30am. During this time individuals and families may submit their prayer requests of concern and thanks giving.

Quiet prayer time is held in the first few rows of the sanctuary before and after each Sunday service. A lay leader, identified with a name tag, will be available to pray with you, if you would like.

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Prayer Requests

Submit a prayer request using our online request form, call the church office at 406-259-1897, or contact the church by email. Prayer request cards are available outside the church office, in the chapel, and in the holders on the back of sanctuary pews.

All prayer requests are received by the pastor and prayer team leader. The prayer team receives the request, using only a first name, and will hold your prayers up to God during the following week. Confidential prayer requests should be submitted directly to the pastor through the church office at 406-259-1897, or by email.

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Prayer Team

The Prayer Team members receive prayer requests during the week, and 24 hours a day for emergencies. EUMC participates in several prayer activities during the year:

  • pray for Broadwater Elementary School and other area schools
  • participate in the National Day of Prayer in May
  • participate in the Day of Prayer For the Persecuted Church in November.
  • Special Prayer Vigils, Prayer Walks and Prayer Services

Consider joining our prayer team and receive prayer requests each week via email. Contact our church office at 406-259-1897, or by email to learn more about serving God through praying for others.

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Prayer Before, During, and After Hospitalization

The pastor or one of the church lay leaders is available to pray with you and your family before, during, and after your hospitalization. Please submit a hospitalization notice using our online notification form or call the church office at 406-259-1897, with the date(s), time(s), and hospital location.

The hospital will not inform the church, or pastor, of your hospitalization due to government HIPA regulations. You, a family member, or a friend must notify the church office.

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